Suchoi Su-22

The Suchoi Su-22 is a multiple purpose fighter plane which can be used as a fighter or to attack surface targets. A first prototype was shown in 1967 on occasion of the military parade in Tuschino. A special feature of the Su-22 are variable arrowhead wings, but only the outward pair are swing-wings. With extended wings the minimum speed of the jet can be reduced to an extent that will also permit operation from small airfields. The specimen on exhibit at the Technik Museum Speyer, a Su-22 M 4, originated from the airforce of the former GDR, which had acquired altogether 48 models of this type between 1984 and 1987. With the take-over of the East German army by the Federal Armed Forces after the reunion of Eastern and Western Germany in 1989 these jets were taken out of service.