Europe's largest space exhibition, with the Russian BURAN space shuttle.

The aircraft collection contains, among other things, a walk-in Boeing 747 and a giant Antonov AN-22.

Experience classic vintage cars, including commercial vehicles, and a world-class collection of historic fire engines.

One of the most comprehensive boat collections in Germany: in addition to the walk-in U9 submarine, and the sea rescue cruiser, John T. Essberger, we have on exhibit the houseboat Sean O' Kelley of the Kelly Family.

Among the numerous locomotives is the Chinese locomotive Qian Jin.

The Friedel Münch exhibition delights Mammut fans, complementing the comprehensive motorcycle collection.

Comfortable accommodations: Hotel Speyer by the Technik Museum is located directly on the grounds, only a few steps from the entrance to the Museum. Combine a museum visit and accommodation with our great package deals!

Included in the combination price: experience the IMAX DOME movie theatre, with its huge 360° dome screen.

There are always cool events: in addition to the annual science fiction convention, “Brazzeltag” (Brazzel Day) is a particular highlight!

With thousands of exhibits from the 19th and 20th centuries, the Museum Wilhelmsbau brings the spirit of bygone days back to life – it is included in the total ticket price!


At the Technic Museum Speyer you can wander around inside an original jumbo jet, as well as inspect the inner workings of a submarine and a sea rescue cruiser. In the halls you will find the largest space flight exhibition in Europe, offering the Russian space shuttle BURAN, an original Moonstone, space suits, a Soyuz landing capsule, as well as locomotives, vintage cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, and thousands of other exhibits. In the Museum Wilhelmsbau you will experience mechanical musical instruments, fashions, and dolls. Unique in Germany, the IMAX®-DOME movie theatre presents exclusive films on a giant dome screen.

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