U-Boat U9

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One highlight of the Technik Museum Speyer is an original German Navy submarine, which visitors to our museum can also view from the inside. The U9 submarine was built by Howaldtswerke in Kiel and put into service on 11 April 1967. It belongs to submarine class 205, making it part of the third generation of German submarines. It weighs 466 tonnes, is 46m long, 5m wide and had a draught of 4m. The nominal dive depth was 100m and it was armed with eight bow torpedo tubes. In addition to the U9, many small submarines can also be seen in the museum.

Information about the U9 submarine
The U9 dates from 1966 and was put into service in Kiel's Tirpitzhafen harbour. It was decommissioned in 1993 as part of the reduction in military capacity. During its service, the U9 travelled 174,850 nautical miles, which is equivalent to eight trips around the world. The ship spent 16,478 hours and 11 minutes submerged, which corresponds to a year and 11 months spent underwater. The exhibit on display in Speyer was registered with Nato as S-188. Thanks to the special shape of its hull, the U9 travelled faster underwater than above the surface. The 21 crew members were able to stay underwater for days with the modern underwater location system and snorkelling facilities. The submarine was powered by two MB four-stroke diesel engines and two propulsion generators.