Space Flight Exhibition

The largest Space Exhibition in Europe!
Together with the Space Expo e.V., the Technik Museum Speyer is presenting approximately 600 unique exhibits on an area of over 5,000 square meters, documenting the history of space flight from its beginnings in the early 1960s to the current international space station. In addition to the original space shuttle BURAN, there are also the training module of the space laboratory Spacelab, and a 1: 1 model of the research module Columbus to marvel at. Valuable space suits, original documents, models, and many other space exhibits, such as an original landing capsule of the Soyuz TM-19 mission, and a high-quality replica of the Vostok 1 spacecraft, complete this unique exhibition. In 2013 the space flight exhibition was expanded with "The Moon” themed area, and now presents mock-ups of the Apollo 11 lunar module "Eagle", the moon car "Lunar Roving Vehicle", and also an invaluable 3.4 billion year old moonstone.

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