Rescue Ship John T. Essberger

In 1975 the John T. Essberger was built as the first ship of the large 44 meters class of the DGzRS at the Schweers shipyard in Bardenfleth at the lower Weser. It is powered by three engines with a combined output of 7200 hp and reaches a maximum speed of 26 knots (approx. 48 km/h). Like every rescue ship of the DGzRS it is made of corrosion-resistant light metal. The specially constructed very strong hull is secure against capsizing and has a special structure which protects the ship in case of ground contact.

The rescue ship is equipped with a small autonomous rescue ship, an on-board hospital, a powerful water cannon for fire fighting, a bilge pump which can pump water out of a damaged ship, an additional fast rubber boat with solid hull, and with extensive communication, navigation and rescue devices. In case of a large accident the ship is big enough to accommodate up to 300 shipwrecked. Since its commissioning the John T. Essberger is stationed at sea position Fehmarn in the eastern Baltic Sea. The regular crew consists of 13 men of whom six are always on standby. The name of the ship goes back to the shipowner and sponsor of the DGzRS John T. Essberger (1886 - 1959) from Hamburg.

About the DGzRS
The DGzRS is one of the most modern sea rescue services in the world. It is financed exclusively by donations and receives no public money. Its fleet of 61 small and large rescue ships is ready for action 24 hours a day 365 days a year at the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Since its foundation in 1865 the DGzRS crews rescued more than 76,000 people who were shipwrecked or threatened by other dangers. The patron of the DGzRS ist the German Federal President.