LANZ Speed-Bulldog

The 55 PS Lanz-Speed-Bulldog was certainly the most prestigious vehicle of the Lanz-fleet. The maximum speed of the speed-bulldog, which was equipped with a diesel fuel engine, was about 33 km/h, quite remarkable for a vehicle with a weight of almost five tons. The tank capacity was about 200 liters, the pneumatic brakes could slow down two truck trailers. Collectors pay exorbitant prices for a vehicle of this type.

The Lanz-Speed-Bulldog was the most exclusive and fastest representative of its kind. The curved mudguards contribute to its particularly elegant appearance. Prior to starting, the cylinder head had to be preheated by a blowtorch. The vehicle reached a maximum speed of 30 - 35 km/h, quite remarkable for a Bulldog. The speed-bulldog-“roadster“ on exhibit came to the museum from the former GDR ready for the scrap heap and was completely restored.