Kawasaki Days

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On 23th and 24th May 2022, the Technik Museum Speyer will once again be the meeting place for all Kawasaki fans. First of all, there is the Technology Museum itself, which offers a huge display of vehicles of all kinds, including a very well stocked range of classic Kawasaki models.

The Kawasaki Days programme is varied: there is a large selection of motorcycles on hand for anyone who wants to try out a current Kawasaki model in a free test drive. Perfect for those who want to experience the benefits of a new Kawasaki bike in practice. But one can also learn interesting things about one’s own motorcycle at the Kawasaki Days: at  the performance testing station, one can determine exactly how much power the engine has to offer – also free of charge. Equally insightful is a ride on the wheelie simulator –  under professional guidance, of course. Those who would prefer to watch the colourful goings-on concerning all things Kawasaki will get their money's worth as well. Stunt driver Chris Rid and the freestyle MX show team demonstrate breathtaking tricks and jumps on the event grounds. What’s more, beautiful classics and spectacular conversions can be found all along the dealer's mile. 

Visitor information
Admission to the Kawasaki Days event site is free.