Field trips

Also for school classes a trip to the Technik Museum Speyer is an impressive experience. The diversity of the exhibits, the fascination of the technology on display and the history of the exhibits, the fascination of the technology on display and the history and the stories which are hidden behind technological developments guarantee a field trip which is both, informative and entertaining. Besides the largest space exhibition in Europe with a genuine BURAN spaceshuttle as highlight, numerous other stunning exhibits like the Boeing 747, the submarine U9, and the Antonov AN-22, the largest propeller aircraft in the world, will inspire students of all grades.

IMAX DOME movie theater
The largest blackboard on earth A visit to the IMAX DOME movie theater with its 1,000 sqm large screen will definitely be the highlight of any field trip. IMAX movies offer a unique type of edutainment since they distinguish themselves by their mostly scientific background. With IMAX students can experience places which otherwise would be difficult or impossible to reach. Note: Generally the movies are shown in German language which is ideal for English speaking students who are learning German. On request, some movies can be shown in English language.

Benefits for school classes:

  • The varied exhibitions encourage students to make their own discoveries. Due to the large variety of exhibits and the IMAX DOME movie theater the museum offers illustrative material for every curriculum.
  • Economically priced packages with or without lunch for all school classes independent of the age of the students.
  • Special guided tours that are tailored to the requirements of school classes.

Benefits for teachers and escort persons:

  • Due to the child and youth friendly organization of the exhibitions the museum is perfectly suited for any kind of field trip.
  • Particulary in combination with the IMAX DOME movie theater the museum offers unique opportunities for presenting technical and scientific facts to children in a playful and entertaining way.
  • Teachers and escort persons accompanying school classes with 15 or more participants are given free admission.