Boeing 747

For over 50 years, the Boeing 747 has been taking to the air around the world. The starting signal for the success story was on 9 February 1969, when the prototype of the jumbo took off for the first time, setting new standards. The machine was the largest jet aircraft in the world and shaped passenger flights in the following years. Only the airbus A380 replaced the jumbo in its role as the largest airliner. However, the fascination with the Boeing 747 remained and the wide-bodied aircraft still attracts people.

A dream came true for the Technik Museum Speyer when Lufthansa succeeded in getting a huge Boeing 747 jumbo jet for the aircraft exhibition. Transporting the Giant of the Skies to Speyer was one of the biggest challenges the team at the museum had faced up to that point.

The Boeing 747 is fully accessible for our museum visitors! It is unique in the world that the cargo hold of the jumbo jet is accessible and the left wing can be climbed at a height of 20 metres. The interior trim has been partially dismantled to give an impression of the design of such a wide-bodied aircraft.