Barrel Organ Serenade

    A party atmosphere will prevail around large and small organs at the Barrel Organ Serenade on 24th February 2024 in the Technik Museum Speyer. Surrounded by a space shuttle, vintage cars and aircrafts, the museum's Space Travel Hall offers a unique setting for this event. For it is the contrast of nostalgic and futuristic technology that gives this concert its unique flair. Classics will meet pop hits, and both singing along and swaying are expressly desired. In addition to the pieces played, there will also be a night tour and an all-inclusive catering package.

    Members, staff and friends of the museums are lending their support to design the programme. "We are very much looking forward to celebrating a real barrel organ party with many like-minded people from all over Germany and Switzerland," enthuses museum president Hermann Layher. The in-house catering team will provide sustenance with delicious dishes and wines from the region.