Barrel Organ Serenade

The Technik Museums of Sinsheim and Speyer have been home to mechanical musical instruments and organs since their beginnings. These are firmly rooted in the history of museums and give the exhibition landscape a melodious and artistic quality. The Wilhelmsbau Museum of the Technik Museum Speyer houses one of the largest collections of mechanical musical instruments in Germany. Several times a year, the instruments are presented and played at guided tours, events or concerts. The traditional Christmas concert has been a permanent fixture in the event calendar for many years. But as well as the successful barrel organ concert in the Speyer Cathedral, the concerts as part of the Rhineland-Palatinate cultural summer have also inspired many music and barrel organ fans.

Due to the great affinity with mechanical music, it was natural to found a separate department within the Fundraising Association of the Technik Museum. For some time now, people have been toying with the idea of promoting enthusiasm for mechanical instruments through an interest group, of getting clubs and associations in the scene, as well as museum visitors, interested in this, and informing them about this special form of technology. On Saturday, 23rd March 2019, the moment then finally came, and the interest group for mechanical music was officially approved at the annual general meeting of the museums' Fundraising Association. Horst Thome, a long-time member of the museum society, was appointed consultant for barrel organs and jukeboxes in the Fundraising Association.

With the newly founded department, there will be a barrel-organ serenade in Speyer for the first time on 15th February 2020. The focus of the event will be the barrel organ along with the concert. "What motor rallies are to vintage car fans is what the barrel organ serenade is for fans of mechanical music." Surrounded by a space shuttle, a moonscape or a Soyuz capsule, the Space Travel Hall offers a worthy setting for the programme, because it is precisely this contrast that gives the event a unique flair. People can meet with like-minded people to talk shop, to play the barrel organs they have brought with them, and to listen to the music. Together with sound artist Sina Hildebrand, organ builder Gotthard Arnold and the Palatinate club of barrel organ enthusiasts, a special musical programme is being offered between 5 pm and 10 pm. There will be demonstrations of various instruments in the Wilhelmsbau Museum, a barrel organ concert in the Space Travel Hall, and a night tour with performances on the great Welte Philharmonic Organ in the Liller Hall. Of course, refreshments will also be provided.

Conditions for participating in the barrel organ concert:
You can apply for a place as a participant in the barrel organ concert using the application form. The registration deadline is 30th November 2019.

Tickets for the barrel organ serenade will be available from 9th December 2019 for € 25.00 at or by calling 06232/6708-0. The tickets can only be bought; reservation is not possible. The price includes the following services: admission to the Technik Museum Speyer (barrel organs may be brought along and played all day), a reception at the Wilhelmsbau Museum, a barrel organ concert in the Space Travel Hall, a buffet meal, including drinks, in the Space Travel Hall, and a night tour in the Liller Hall with the Welte Philharmonic Organ.