Technik Museum Speyer

Welcome to the Technik Museum Speyer – where one sensation follows close on the next! Just an hour south of Frankfurt, discover technology from the underwater world to space: what does the inside of a submarine look like? What does a sea cruiser need on board? How huge is the Jumbo Jet? What does the world's largest organ sound like? How did a Chinese steam locomotive end up in Speyer, and was the Space Shuttle Buran in space? Alongside Europe's largest aerospace and amazing naval exhibition, discover a variety of aircraft, classic vintage cars, racing- and classic motorcycles, historic fire engines, massive steam locomotives, mechanical instruments, rarities and fashions. Every year in May, the museum comes to life: At the BRAZZELTAG®, you can see vehicles with tremendous cylinder capacity, horsepower giants and curiosities that can be experienced live – for fans, by fans.