Culture Night

The Museum Wilhelmsbau promises an excursion into the good old times. Long before the gramophone saw the light of the world, mechanical musical instruments controlled by rollers, metal plates or paper tapes, cafes, inns, and civic salons for musical entertainment. The Museum Wilhelmsbau has one of the largest collections of mechanical instruments in Europe. The imposing staircase leads to the lovingly arranged showcases, each of which is a small timepiece. Whether historical fashions, contemporary accessories, old toys or many objects of the bourgeois everyday life - this is all shown in the Museum Wilhelmsbau. Another highlight is the world-wide unique doll collection from the USA with more than 2,500 dolls of different styles.

There is an entrance fee of € 8.00 for the Culture Night at the ticket office of the Museum Wilhelmsbau. Children under 14 years are free. For further information, please visit:

On this evening the "culture-bus" regularly links many stations of the Speyer cultural mile. With the entrance booklet you can use the bus free of charge. The ribbons lose their validity with removal from the wrist, and in the case of loss, no replacement is made. The ticket is not transferable.

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