What is IMAX DOME ?

The IMAX DOME movie theatre on the premises of the Technik Museum Speyer is the only movie theatre of this kind in Germany and a true sensation. Contrary to other movie theatres, in the IMAX DOME the film is not projected on a flat screen but rather on a gigantic dome. As is true for all IMAX movie theatres the dimensions are gigantic. The dome screen of the IMAX DOME Speyer has a base diameter of 24 metres and an area of almost 1,000 square metres. Because of the dome projection and the special arrangement of the seats the movie completely fills the visual field of the onlookers.

In the IMAX DOME you are sitting in the middle of the film in the true sense of word.

In spite of the gigantic dome screen IMAX movies have a unique sharpness and brilliance. Responsible for this is the unique IMAX movie technology. IMAX movies are exclusive productions which are shot with huge cameras. The large format film that is used with these cameras is ten times larger than the 35-mm-film that is employed for conventional movie productions. To make full use of the resolution of the large format film and the possibilities of the dome projection the IMAX DOME Speyer is equipped with a specialized projector with fish eye lens weighing three tons.

IMAX also sets standards for the sound system. The adequate sound experience is provided by a 6-channel sound system with a power of 22,000 Watts and a subwoofer system emitting sound waves in the inaudible low frequency range which make you feel the action of the movie.

The exclusive IMAX DOME movies, which changes on the hour, are optimally adjusted to the fascinating projector technology of the IMAX DOME and make for an absolutely stunning movie experience. The movies, suitable for all ages, are both, entertaining and informative. They take visitors to places which otherwise would be difficult or impossible to reach and show the beauty of nature and thrilling expeditions in fascinating pictures.

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