• Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten ist das IMAX DOME Kino bis Freitag, 15. Dezember und am Montag und Dienstag, 18. und 19. Dezember leider geschlossen.

IMAX DOME movies in school education

IMAX DOME - The largest blackboard on Earth
Nature and environment are the central themes of today. IMAX movies show the beauty of Earth and the necessity to protect this planet and its wonderful variety of plants and animals. At the same time the movies also combine excitement, entertainment and information, which is essential for reaching young people. The gigantic screen, the impressive sound system and the brilliant picture quality generate a truly stunning movie experience that cannot be compared to any other movie theatre. Of particular importance is the emotional experience, which lasts much longer than the rational elaboration of a syllabus subject.

The unusual presentation, which cannot be compared with a usual movie show, encourages students to look at relevant subjects from a new angle. The average running time of an IMAX 3D movie of 45 minutes, which corresponds to a normal school hour, allows students to follow the storyline without losing concentration. IMAX movies are appropriate for students of all grades and contain links to many school subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, religion, geography and history.

IMAX DOME movies in English language
Generally all IMAX movies are shown in German language which is ideal for English speaking students who are learning German. However, on request movie shows in English language* are also possible for tour groups or school classes with 50 or more people. IMAX movie shows in English language should be booked at least two weeks before the planned day of visit. *="Blue Planet" not available in English language

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