Germany in the 70s

A colorful decade

The 70s stand for a kind of lifestyle, for economic and political problems, but also for dazzling colors and bizarre designs. Unforgettable are flared trausers, photo wallpapers, pril flowers or stuffed eggs. The design became curious, the hair longer and the cars more colorful. Nowadays the 70s have regular cult status and took influence on a whole generation.

From 6th of October 2017 to 8th of April 2018, the Technik Museum Speyer will present a motorized cross-section of this time with its new special exhibition "Germany in the 70s - a colorful decade". Whether it's Papa's first car, or his own, 16 retro cars, which are rarely seen on the street today, but which have many personal stories or memories. There is a Mercedes "Dash 8", a Ford Capri RS, a Golf I GTI and an Opel Admiral V8 as well as a Porsche 924, a VW Bus T2 "Camper" and an NSU in the Space Flight Exhibtion Hall every day from 9 am to 6 pm. The color palette of the exhibits ranges from metallic red, dark green to bright orange, light blue and lemon yellow. The matching decoration lends the collection the finishing touch and ensures a 70s mood.

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