Benzingespräche / Gasoline Talk

"Benzingespräch beim Frühschoppen" (Gasoline conversation at brunch) is a meeting in Speyer for the owners of classic cars, modern classics, tractors and motorcycles, as well as special vehicles owner. Already since 2012 the TECHNIC MUSEUM SPEYER invites friends and owners of mobile Rarities for the opportunity for an informal meeting for car talk in a relaxed atmosphere in the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the museum. Every first Sunday of the month they can meet with friends. Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen, the NSU Quickly to Indian motorcycles, the Messerschmitt up to Lanz Bulldog: Everyone is welcome!

Information for visitors
The "Benzingespräch beim Frühschoppen" is held every first Sunday of the month, April to October from 9am till 2pm. The entrance to the event is free!

 All coming dates

Sunday, 3. April 2016
Sunday, 1. May 2016
Sunday 5. June 2016
Sunday, 3. July 2016
Sunday, 7. August 2016
Sunday, 4. September 2016
Sunday, 2. October 2016

 Information for participants

A registration is not neccessary, taking part and parking is free.

 Pictures from past events:

August 2014
Juli 2014
Juni 2014
Mai 2014
April 2014
Oktober 2013
September 2013
August 2013
Juli 2013
Juni 2013
April 2013
Oktober 2012
September 2012
August 2012

CONTACT - Your contact person for this matter

Carmen Werre is your contact person for “Benzingespräche / Gasoline Talk”. If you have any questions that are not directly related to “Benzingespräche / Gasoline Talk”, we kindly ask you to use the regular contact page. Thank you.

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