Ford Model T fire-fighting vehicle

The Ford Model T, affectionately called Tin Lizzie by its fans, was the first mass-produced car on an assembly line. Between 1908 and 1928, Ford built around 15.5 million units worldwide. While the touring model cost 850 dollars in 1908, ten years later, it only cost 360 dollars thanks to large-scale production.

The Model T made the world mobile. In the USA, doctors, trappers, farmers, gold seekers, business people and clergy appreciated sturdy, long-legged Tin Lizzie, as their bumpy ride led them across adventurous slopes on cross-country rides.

The vehicle shown in the Technik Museum Speyer was used as a fire engine in the Dutch municipality of Berkel en Rodenrijs and has a special body with side benches, material boxes, hose reel, suction hose with metal basket and two turning pipes. Its maximum speed was about 70 km/h.