European Capri Post Meeting

From Friday the 21rd to Sunday the 23th June 2019, the 25th International Capri Post Meeting will take place on the grounds of the Technik Museum Speyer. The organisers expect more than 300 friends of the Ford Capri to attend. They will be able to share their passion, learn more about their Ford and celebrate together. More than 400 friends of the Ford Capri, today considered a classic car, have already registered for the meeting.

The Ford Capri Sport Coupé was built in Germany from 1969 to 1986 and is a collector's car today. The cars remain on the site over the weekend to be viewed. The Capri meeting has developed into a popular platform to share tips and tricks about the vintage car. The organizers are proud that FORD´s Wolfgang Laufer, initiator of the Classic Car Department, is coming exclusively to the Ford Capri Meeting. Laufer is to start the "Gruppe 2 Racing Capri" several times on Saturday.

 Information for visitors
The meeting will take place on the parkling lot of the Technik Museum Speyer - there will be no entrance fee for visiting the event. The vehicles are on display mainly on Saturday 22th June 2019. Arrival is on Friday, 21rd June 2019 and on Sunday 23th June 2019, the event ends from 12am.