Barrel Organ Convention


From March 31th to April1st 2017 more than 300 barrel organ players and street ballad singers of the "Club Deutscher Drehorgelfreunde e.V." (German barrel organ players club) will gather at the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER.

The CDD "Club Deutscher Drehorgelfreunde e.V." has over 800 members from over 15 nations. The street ballad singers have also found themselves at home here. Some members of the association met at the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER as early as 1995, and made two records. On the one hand at that time this was the largest barrel organ convention in the world, and on the other hand 223 barrel organs simultaneously played the piece "Sabinchen war ein Frauenzimmer" (Sabinchen was a woman), which was included in the 1996 "Guinness Book of Records".

Program details have not yet been determined and will be released on this website in due course!

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Pictures of the Barrel Organ Convention 2013 | 2012

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