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With the support of Moped Garage GmbH and the DMV, we are organizing a very special kind of moped meeting for the first time in the Technik Museum Speyer. All two-wheelers up to 50 cc are permitted. The program includes a hill climbing competition, a skill course, a moped break and a 1/12 mile race. With the support of Moped Garage GmbH and the German Motorsport Association, the competitions are professionally supported.

Whether a 1/12 mile race, the evaluation at the dynamometer, a skill course, the awarding of different classes, or a hill climbing competition - there is something for everyone. Museum fan Chris Sass from Sass Motorblog enabled a cooperation with the German Motorsport Association (DMV e.V.), which organizes the 1/12 mile race and the associated award ceremony. At the Mofa Sause on Saturday evening you can end the day with good food, drink and a live band. The 2-stroke break will take place from July 29th to 31st, 2022 on the grounds of the Technik Museum Speyer. All 2-bikes up to 50ccm are permitted.

Information for visitors and participants
Information on registration and the various ticket options for spectators (day tickets or tickets including tent or caravan space) will be available on this website soon.