Highlights at the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER

Spaceshuttle BURAN in Europes largest space flight exhibition Highlights on 150,000 sqm Accessible Boeing 747 Jumbojet Fire engines collection Mechanical music instruments Vintage cars Accessible submarine U9 Aircraft Accessible rescueship John T. Essberger Motorbikes Rarities at the Museum Wilhelmsbau

Welcome to the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER! Apart from a large collection of aircraft, classic cars, locomotives and fire engines, some of the highlights include an original BURAN spaceshuttle, the largest space exhibition in Europe, a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, the submarine U9 and a gigantic Ukrainian Antonov AN-22 cargo plane. In our Museum Wilhelmsbau you can admire a unique collection of automatic musical instruments and much more. To get an overview about our exhibition just follow our tour!

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